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Sake, the health and beauty elixir?

In this article we reveal sake's secret ability to make you beautiful.

Sales of a range of cosmetics made with sake are getting its beautifying effects noticed by a female audience. But just what are these effects? We decided it was about time someone took a more in-depth look. And so, we wrote another article.

1. Sake has long been used as a beauty lotion

For centuries, the beautiful hands and skin of those that brew sake have been a talking point; the use of sake in place of lotion by women is also well documented.

That’s because sake is jam-packed full of the ethers of life; ingredients with warm moisturising effects such as amino acids, organic acids such as Gylcerol etc; anti-oxidants with anti-ageing effects such as Ferulic Acid; not to mention Ethyl D Glucoside with its skin protecting powers.

It is basically an elixir for your skin.

2. It keeps your skin white!

And because one of the major components of sake’s raw ingredients, Koji Acid keeps the main cause of blotches and freckles, the Melanin Pigment at bay for those who drink it the promise of whiter skin. Indeed, it is not uncommon to hear people claim as much.

3.  Helping blood circulation

The increase in body temperature after drinking sake is said to be double that of other alcoholic beverages and its effects help maintain that temperature, which helps improve both blood circulation and nutritional-intake promoting healthy skin.

Better blood circulation can in turn help to improve the two common complaints among women: stiff shoulders and sensitivity to cold.


In very health-conscious countries like Japan, a lot of people choose sake simply because “it’s good for you”. And why not. It’s certainly an intriguing notion.