SAKETIMES PRESS English : Information and Application Form

日本語で読む ; in Japanese

Sake specialty web media SAKETIMES International, would like to introduce SAKETIMES PRESS English, a service dedicated to bringing the most up-to-date news about sake culture to readers around the world. This as a great chance to publicize your sake business.

By filling out the form located on the bottom of this page, your news will be presented (after review and approval by our staff) on the Weekly News section of the SAKETIMES International website. In addition to being posted in our Weekly News section on Tuesday, an announcement will be made on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Three online platforms to showcase your news to sake fans around the world.

Examples of News

  • Sake related events
  • Release of new sake or sake related products
  • Opening of sake bars or specialty shops
  • New services related to sake


  • If you submit your news from the form, we will edit it to be roughly 100 words.
  • In addition to text, you may include up to three pictures. You may also present your news in pictures only.
  • We will gladly include links to your Business’ Facebook or web page, so readers may access them.

Weekly News Example

  • Jun 5th 2018
    1. Japanese Robot Izakaya Invades Seattle
    2. Taiwanese Honeymooners Become the 3 Millionth Visitors to Gekkeikan Sake Museum
    3. Japanese Sake Video Learning App “Masimas” Update Released for Android

  • May 22nd 2018
    1. Japonismes 2018 Bringing Sake Tours to Paris
    2. New App “SakeWiz” Released in 4 Major Regions
    3. Nagano says Long Live Fermentation

Things to keep in mind

  • – The news is meant to be simpler than other articles, so interviews and other longer forms will not be included.
  • – Please limit news about events, store openings, and new products to before or directly after their occurrence or release.
  • – There is no guarantee that your news will be approved by our staff. SAKETIMES has complete discretion over the content to post.
  • – The news selection process is not publicized.
  • – If your news is selected, you will be notified when your news is uploaded.
  • – Applications completed in Japanese will be translated by SAKETIMES International editing staff.
  • – You will not be able to select a specific day for your news to be posted.
  • – SAKETIMES cannot share the overall access that is received from each individual Weekly News.

Other questions may be asked through this link. We look forward to working with you.

日本語で読む ; in Japanese

Application Form

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News Content (Required)
Please limit to 600 words.
If an event, please include how to join and a URL with information.

Images (Required)
Up to 3 images.
.png or .jpeg formats only.
Please upload horizontal, high definition photos.
Keep photos to 2 MB per photo at the largest.
If above 2 MB please use this service to lower the resolution.

Videos are limited to those already uploaded on the internet. Please enter the URL here.

Contact Information (Required)
Please enter your contact information so you may be contacted in relation to release, or by readers.