Does This Way of Drinking Sake Exist? Sake on the Rocks

In this article we describe how to enjoy sake on the rocks and the merits of drinking it this way.


1. Sake comes with many ways to enjoy it!

Room temperature, warm, chilled; Sake can be enjoyed at a wide range of different temperature settings.

2. On the Rocks

Sake on the rocks; You might not be so used to this style, but the fact is that it has been a favourite of the aficionado since ancient times.
There is much more to this style than cooling aesthetics.
The ice will eventually melt, lowering the alcohol content — making it easier to palate.

3. On the Rocks Warm!?

If you dare, you can also enjoy on-the-rocks sake warm.

Through the instantaneous cooling of warm sake, you get a lighter flavour. Furthermore, by warming the sake up, you get just the right alcohol buzz and when the ice melts the alcohol content is lowered, so it places less of a burden on your stomach.


This method of drinking sake is particularly recommended for those who say that they worry about the high alcohol content.