Sake on the Rocks – Mythical Creature or Time-tested Trick?

If you're familiar with enjoying sake outside of Japan, you might have wondered if sake "on the rocks" is actually a thing? In this article we describe how to enjoy sake on the rocks and the merits of drinking it this way.


1. Sake comes in many ways

Room temperature, warm, chilled; Sake can be enjoyed at a wide range of different temperature settings — including, of course, “on the rocks.”

2. On the Rocks

Sake on the rocks; You might not be so used to this style, but the fact is that it has been a favourite of the aficionado since ancient times.
There is much more to this style than cooling aesthetics.
The ice will eventually melt, lowering the alcohol content — making it easier to palate.

3. On the Rocks Warm!?

If you dare, you can also enjoy on-the-rocks sake warm.

Through the instantaneous cooling of warm sake, you get a lighter flavour. Furthermore, by warming the sake up, you get just the right alcohol buzz and when the ice melts the alcohol content is lowered, so it places less of a burden on your stomach.


This method of drinking sake is particularly recommended for those who say that they worry about the high alcohol content.