3 Ways in which Serving Sake in a Wine Glass Enhance the Experience

Drinking sake in a wine glass is more than just fine.

1. Beautiful Poetry

Sake in a wine glass is beautiful poetry that you’ ll want to talk about with everyone around you.

People are finding that sake in a wine glass, as opposed to any other way of serving it, gives you so much more to talk about. The wine glass acts as a window through which to view its beauty. You will see things that you never new existed. That which when served in the traditional way, in an Ochoko, was a clear colourless liquid suddenly has clarity, gloss and gradation. There are just some of the qualities remain hidden until you serve sake this way.

2. Reshaping The Experience


The wine glass comes in many different shapes and sizes, two of the most famous being the Bordeaux and Bourgogne brands. In the right glass, a wine will excel: strong tannin flavours are suppressed and fruity types become more flamboyant. In a different glass, wine is a different customer. Sake is no exception. Experiment!

3. A Sparkling Transformation

With wine, it is not uncommon to twirl the glass, to put it in contact with air to free its potential. Seeing sake transformed in this way, seeing it sparkle, ebb and flow, makes it taste even more delicious. While here in Japan, restaurants that present sake in this way are on the increase,  in the wine world, they are doing the opposite and downsizing: stemless glasses are becoming popular.

Above all, try experimenting with your drinking style — and sake just might present itself to you in a different light.