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What is the Type of Sake “Nama-Chozo” All About?

Today's article explains the type of sake "Nama-Chozo".

1.What is Nama-Chozo?

‘Nama-Chozo’ is a type of sake that has undergone only one pasteurisation (heat-treatment);
sake normally undergoes two.

The first pasteurisation is performed after pressing and before storage. The second, prior to bottling and shipping.

Nama-Chozo skips the first and goes straight through to the second pasteurisation.

The opposite type of sake which only goes through the first pasteurisation is called ‘Nama-Zume’. A sake that has been shipped in a completely unpasteurised state is simply called ‘Nama-Zake’ or ‘Nama’.

2. The Characteristics of Nama-Chozo

Nama-Chozo is put in storage for longer than the Nama-Zume type. This gives it a unique flavour.

Furthermore, the fact that it has undergone only one pasteurisation gives it a slightly unstable quality. For this reason, it is better refrigerated.