SAKETIMES NEWS – Aug 14th, 2018

The Latest Sake News from Around The World - Kanpai London Sake Launches Crowdfunding / Winners of Hot Sake / Japanese Gin awarded by IWSC

1: Kanpai London Sake Launches Crowdfunding Efforts for Casual Sake Bar
2: Winners of the 2018 Hot Sake Contest Announced
3: Hiroshima distillery’s Sakurao Gin, awarded the gold medal by the U.K.’s IWSC Liquor Committee

Kanpai London Sake Launches Crowdfunding Efforts for Casual Sake Bar

Our friends at Kanpai London Craft Sake have launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring a new sake bar to life.

“We’ve rapidly outgrown our nanobrewery, and now we’re excited to make the leap to a much larger premises to produce even more craft and experimental sake – and most importantly to build a tap room so you can come and enjoy super fresh sake, overlooking where it’s made.”

Sounds like a great plan from an English brewer doing very exciting things. You can learn more about them here, or just head over to their page and help them realize their dream of expanding sake’s presence in London and pioneering true, English sake.

◎Project Information

LINK: crowdfunder | 2018/07/31 | Build a tap room at Kanpai Sake Brewery

Winners of the 2018 Hot Sake Contest Announced

The Hot Sake Contest Winners have been announced. Some 838 sakes from 251 breweries nationwide were divided into the following four divisions and judged in a blind tasting. The top 30% of the entries in each category were recognized as Gold Medal winners, with only the top 5% of Gold Medal sake being awarded with top honor.

Here are the Gold Medal winners:

◎Great Value – Nurukan Sake Division (less than 1,100yen/720ml; serving temp. 45℃)

  • Tokubetsu junmai kitaakita / Hokushika
  • Dewanoyuki yukijunmai / Watarai honten
  • Junmaikarakuchi yaemon / Yamatogawa shuzoten
  • Echigotoji honjozokarakuchi / Kinshihai brewery
  • Tenryohai shinsen / Tenryohai bresery
  • Jokigen honjozo / Shikano brewery
  • Ginsen masumi / Miyasaka jozo
  • Horai / Watanabe shuzoten
  • Josen sekaiitto / Sekaiitto
  • Narutotai onto the table junmaiginjo / Honmatsuura shuzojo
  • Shunkan / Isonosawa
  • Takenosono josen / Yano brewery

◎Great Value – Atsukan Sake Division (less than 1,100yen/720ml; serving temp. 55℃)

  • Sakuragao kanzukuri karakuchi / Sakuragao brewery
  • Ranman bishu pack / Akitameijo
  • Josen musashiotokoyama / Koyamahonke brewery
  • Hokusetsu kinsei / Hokusetsu brewery
  • Kaganotsuki mikazuki honjozo / Kagoshi
  • Honjozo yaegaki / Yaegaki brewery
  • Chokyu honjozo / Nakano BC
  • Josen Hikamimasamune / Hikami seishu
  • Honjozo mourikou / Yamagata honten
  • Josen kinpa / Mitsutake shuzojo
  • Tokujogentei kinpa / Mitsutake shuzojo
  • Hojun junmaishu zuiho / Zuiho

◎Premium Warm Sake Division (more than 1,100yen/720ml ; serving temp. 45℃)

  • Junmaidaiginjo kitaakita / Hokushika
  • Temahima junmaidaiginjo yukimegami / Rokkasen
  • Ninkiichi kanshu supecial / Ninki brewery
  • Homarekunimitsu yamahai junmaidaiginjo platinum / Tsuchida brewery
  • Daiginjo umeichirin / umeichirin brewery
  • Yukitsubaki aki junmaiginjo genshu hiyaoroshi / Yukitsubaki brewery
  • Tokusen kunisakari handago junmaiginjo / Nakano brewery
  • Shinsei yamadanishiki junmaidaiginjo hyoongakoi / Yamamoto honke
  • Kashofu daiginjo kizakura / Kizakura
  • Nanatuume yamadanishiki kimoto tokubetujunmai / Koyamahonke Nadahamafukuturukura
  • Umenoyado bizenomachi junmaiginjo / Umenoyado brewery
  • Okuizumo junmaiginjo / Okuizumo brewery
  • Tokubetsujunmai juntenzan / Tenzan brewery

◎Special Nurukan Division (includes nigori, aged, taru sake, etc.; serving temp. 45℃)

  • Tokubetsujunmai nitori / Katokihachiro brewery
  • Sasanokawa hizojunmai 25years koshu / Sasanokawa brewery
  • Kinoene kyuko / Iinuma honke
  • Kuromatu senjo junmaidaiginjo prototype / Senjo
  • Kizakura ryonotaruzake junmaiginjo / Kizakura
  • Kikumasamune junmai taruzake / Kikumasamune Brewery

LINK: SAKETIMES | 2018/08/01 | 【速報】「全国燗酒コンテスト2018」審査結果が発表されました!

Hiroshima distillery’s Sakurao Gin, awarded the gold medal by the U.K.’s IWSC Liquor Committee

Two products “Sakurao Gin Limited” and “Sakurao Gin Original” of Chugoku jozo received the Gold Prize at the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) held in the U.K. “Sakurao Gin Limited” was awarded “Gold Outstanding”, “Sakurao Gin Original” was awarded “Gold”.

Sakurao Distillery began operations just last December after 3 long years of concepting. The theme for the company is “From tradition and innovation. From Hiroshima to the world”.

Looks like the company is well on its way to a successful and global presence.

Hiroshima distillery’s Sakurao Gin

LINK: PRTIMES | 2018/08/01 | 広島発クラフトジン『SAKURAO GIN』の2商品が英国の酒類品評会IWSCで金賞に


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