SAKETIMES NEWS – Aug 7th, 2018

The Latest Sake News from Around The World - The Best Factory Tours in Japan / apan House London Opens / Winners of Omachi Summit

1: The Best Factory Tours in Japan
2: Japan House London Opens to The Public
3: Winners of the 10th Annual Omachi Summit Announced

The Best Factory Tours in Japan

TripAdvisor has ranked the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology
(Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) as the island nation’s best factory tour for the fourth consecutive year.

Joining the automotive superpower in the list of must-visit sites are  8 of Japan’s leading alcoholic beverage facilities, each offering tours and unique experiences. Kirin Brewery’s Yokohama Plant (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) took 4th place. Nikka Whiskey’s Yokochi Distillery took 7th, showing that giving people free food and drinks is great way to win them over. Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum took 13th place, having just welcomed a total of 3 million visitors this past April.

View the complete map below and plan your late summer road trip!

LINK: PRTIMES | 2018/07/24 | トリップアドバイザ-「旅好きが選ぶ工場見学&社会科見学ランキング2018」を発表

Japan House London Opens to The Public

Japan House, a project led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, opened its London branch in June. It joins Sao Paulo and Los Angeles which opened in 2017. The London location will have an exhibition space, shops, cafes, restaurants, and more, to help introduce Japanese culture in a diverse setting. The Salt Group will produce Japanese restaurant “AKIRA” as part of Salt and Partners UK, as well as Japan Select Shop, “THE SHOP”. The Japan House project is designed  to inspire a deeper understanding and appreciation of Japan.

Oh! And maybe grab a bottle of London Kanpai Sake on the way home for the full Japan-in-London experience.

Japan House London Opens to The Public

LINK: PRTIMES | 2018/07/23 | Japan House London 2018.06.21(現地時間)オープン!

Winners of the 10th Annual Omachi Summit Announced

The winners of the 10th Annual Omachi Summit, an event showcasing the quality and diversity produced by Japan’s oldest variety of sake rice of the same name, featured 207 entries from breweries all across Japan. Of the submitted sake, 28 entries for the Ginjo Category (which includes junmai ginjo and junmai daiginjo types) received top prize, with 14 entries from the Junmai Category (non-ginjo classification) went home big winners.

Check out the list of winners below.

◎Top Award Winning Sake: Ginjo Category

  • Sakuramuromachi  kiwamidaiginjo muromachijidai / Muromachi Brewery
  • Kenkonichi junmaidaiginjo / Onuma Brewery
  • Hatsumago takumi junmaidaiginjo / Tohoku meijo
  • Fumotoi kimoto junmaiginjo omachi / Fumotoi Brewery
  • Yamagatamasamune junmaiginjo omachi / Mitobe Brewery
  • Benten bizenomachi junmaidaiginjo / Goto shuzoten
  • Gihei junmaiginjo omachi / Yamaguchi
  • Abukuma junmaiginjo omachi / Genba honten
  • Aiyu daiginjo bizenomachi / Aiyu Brewery
  • Gokeiji junmaiginjo omachi / Aoki Brewery
  • Yui junmaidaiginjo / Yuki Brewery
  • Buyu junmaiginjo nagoyaka / Buyu
  • Bo : Junmaidaiginjo omachi / Tonoike shuzoten
  • Tsujizenbei Junmaiginjo omachi / Tsujizenbei shoten
  • Shichisui 55 junmaiginjo omachi / Toraya honten
  • Ryujin junmaidaiginjo akaiwaomachi / Ryujin Brewery
  • Mikadomatu hosho junmaidaiginjo / Matsuoka jozo
  • Tan yamahai junmaiginjo omachi / Sasaichi Brewery
  • Horai junmaidaiginjo akaiwaseven kahoudenshoushu / Watanabe shuzoten
  • Nito junmaiginjo omachi 55 / Maruisi jozo
  • Mimurosugi roman junmaiginjo omachi / Imanishi Brewery
  • Saika omachi junmaidaiginjo / Kokonoesaika
  • Nampou junmaidaiginjo omachi kaoru amakuchi / Sekai itto
  • Kuroushi junmaiginjo omachi / Nate shuzoten
  • Ugonotsuki junmaiginjo omachi / Aihara Brewery
  • Nagahisamasamune junmaiginjo omachi 5years jukusei / Kamikokoro Brewery

◎Top Award Winning Sake: Junmai Category

  • Akaiwa omachi tokubetsujunmai / Toshimori Brewery
  • Gokusei tokubetsujunmai takashima omachi / Miyashita Brewery
  • Tachibanaya tokubetujunmai omahci / Kawakei shoten
  • Yui tokubetsujunmai omachi / Yuki Brewery
  • Tansawayama yamahai junmai rinho / Kawanishiya shuzoten
  • Meikyosisui junmai omachi / Osawa Brewery
  • Jurokudaikuroemon tokubetsujunmai yamahai omachi / Yukawa shuzoten
  • Isojiman tokubetsujunmai omachi / Isojiman Brewery
  • Kihei shizuokagura junmai genteikinjo omachi / Shizuokahiraki Brewery
  • Kaiun junmai omachi / Doi shuzojo
  • W akaiwa omachi genshu / Watanabe shuzoten
  • Futaho omachi tokubetsujunmai / Choryu Brewery
  • Kid muryousan junmai omachi / Heiwa Brewery
  • 30 VISION omachi / Kanhokuto Brewery

Winners of the 10th Annual Omachi Summit Announced

LINK: SAKETIMES | 2018/07/27 | 「第10回 雄町サミット」の優等賞を発表!長い歴史をもつ「雄町」を使う酒蔵が全国に拡大中


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