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SAKETIMES NEWS – Jan 21, 2020

In the news this week: Sake joins forces with the literary world in a special set of books and booze. Then, sake partners with a major airport in Aichi to create the nation’s first sake-exclusive duty free store. Finally, sake meets the visual art world as Sawa no Tsuru commissions 13 artists for label designs.

Regional Sake Paired with Regional Literature in New Collaboration

Design firms meet & meet and Tissue Inc. are teaming up with sake breweries to release a series of short stories and sake selections sold as the Horoyoi Bunko. To make these pairings more special, each sake and story are from the same region so you can taste the culture as you immerse yourself in it through reading.

The first edition is from the Nagaoka area of Niigata, famous for its sake production. Author Mariko Yamaguchi has penned two stories for this project titled Ja, Koko De, and Atashi wa Mada Tochakushiteinai (I Haven’t Arrived Yet), which are set in Nagaoka and are written from a male and female perspective respectively.

Each story comes with a 720 mL (24 oz) bottle of sake carefully selected by Nagaoka’s Ofuku Shuzo, founded in 1890. The masculine Ja, Koko De is paired with a complex tasting and sophisticated junmai ginjo, while the feminine Atashi wa Mada Tochakushiteinai’s sake has a more lively, crisp flavor that elicits the feeling of a Niigata winter.

Each story and sake can be bought separately for 4,400 yen (US$40) each, but are probably better off enjoyed as a set as the stories interplay with each other.

Any way it’s done, curling up with a good book and good sake is a great way to ride out the rest of this winter.

LINK: AGARA | 2019/12/27 |短編小説を読みながら味わえる日本酒 「ほろよい文庫」“創刊”

Japan’s First Sake-Exclusive Duty Free Shop Opens in Centrair

Sorano Sakagura will open on January 24 in Aichi Prefecture’s Chubu International Airport Centrair, making it Japan’s first sake-exclusive duty free shop.

The store will offer over 200 items consisting mainly of sake and sake-related products, as well as shochu, umeshu, and other drinks. Also, the focus will be on breweries of the Tokai Region made up of Aichi, Gifu, and Mie Prefectures.

In addition, three types of a store-brand sake will be sold only at this location. Representing each prefecture of Tokai, Sorano Sakagura sake will be available as a junmai ginjo from Nakano Sake Brewery in Aichi, a daiginjo by Gifu’s Funasaka Sake Brewery, and a junmai daiginjo produced by Ota Sake Brewery in Mie. Only 1,000 of each will be sold.

Centrair hopes to both meet the growing demand for sake from foreign tourists passing through, and also help the drink to penetrate further into overseas markets.

◎Shop Information

  • Name: Sorano Sakagura
  • Location: Near Gate 20 in Terminal 1 International Departure Section, Chubu International Airport Centrair
  • Hours: 6:45 am – 10:00 pm
  • Grand Opening: Friday, January 24, 2020
  • Link: https://www.centrair.jp/shop-dine/shop/soranosakagura.html

centrair sake shop
LINK: PRTIMES | 2020/1/10 |【中部国際空港】日本のお酒専門免税店『空乃酒蔵』が1月24日(金)にオープン

Sawanotsuru Teams Up with 13 Artists for Label Designs

Sake brewery Sawanotsuru in the famed Nada region of Kobe opened a large exhibition on January 15 entitled “The Art Label Sake Project.”

Held in the Art Up gallery space on the second floor of the Isetan Department Store in Shinjuku, Tokyo, it features a group of 13 diverse artists who have created their own interpretations of Sawa No Tsuru sake labels.

Labels from Keiji Ito, Akira Uno, Hiroshi Nagai, Takashi Nemoto, Hiro Sugiyama, Tamano Mizobuchi, Yasuhiro Mihara, Toru Shirooka, Brandon Breaux, Danté Carver, RUMINZ, Toyameg, and NO COFFEE can be seen on the bottles, and prints of each work will be available to purchase as well.

Artists have lent their talents to sake labels before, but perhaps never on such a scale. Sawanotsuru is a brewery established over 300 years ago but continues to innovate with projects like this one.

◎Event Information

  • Name: The Art Label Sake Project
  • Date: Wednesday, Jan 15 – Tuesday, Feb 4
  • Time: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Location: Art Up, 2F Isetan Department Store Shinjuku, 3-14-1 Shinjuku, Tokyo

LINK: Yahoo!ニュース | 2020/1/10 | アートと日本酒との新しい可能性。「THE ART LABEL SAKE プロジェクト」が新宿伊勢丹「ART UP」で開催へ

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