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Japanese Sake Infographics – Free to Download!

Free Sake Infographics: Download them today and start learning and extending your Japanese sake vocabulary.

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Here are some infographics to help you learn more about sake! Feel free to download and use them freely. We’d love to hear how you’re using them or how they’re making your sake life more enjoyable. Let us know at our contact page, or via the SAKETIMES Twitter of Facebook.

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infographics of what is sake⬇︎Download⬇︎
Learn more : The Blueprint of Sake

Learn more at our Glossary: Junmai / Ginjo / Daiginjo / Honjozo

Learn more at our Glossary: Seimaibuai

infographics of sake alcohol content. Infographics of average alcohol content: Beer-5%, Champagne-11%, Wine-15%, Sake-15-16%, Shochu-250-30%, Whiskey-40%, Vodka-40%, Tequila-40%.⬇︎Download⬇︎
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An infographics about hotsake⬇︎Download⬇︎
Learn more at our Article:Hot Sake Warms You Up and Brings Out New Flavors in Your Favorite Drink

Learn more at our Glossary: Hiyaoroshi

Learn more at our Glossary: Ochoco

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Tokkuri manner⬇︎Download⬇︎
Learn more at our Glossary: Tokkuri




Learn more at our Glossary: Shikomi-sui

Stalk Height & Grain Weight of sakamai, sake rice⬇︎Download⬇︎
Learn more at our Glossary: Yamada Nishiki / Gohyakumangoku

Learn more at our Glossary: Koji

infographics of types of pasteurization⬇︎Download⬇︎
Learn more at our Glossary: Nama-zake

Arabashiri, Seme, Nakadori⬇︎Download⬇︎
Learn more at our Glossary: Nakadori

muroka sake⬇︎Download⬇︎
Learn more at our Glossary: Muroka

infographic of genshu⬇︎Download⬇︎
Learn more at our Glossary: Genshu

Uses for Sakekasu⬇︎Download⬇︎
Learn more at our Glossary: Sake kasu

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transformation of sake in kanji⬇︎Download⬇︎
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Explore in 日本語 / English / 简体中文 / 繁体中文 / Français / Português

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