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Jim Rion

Jim Rion is an American freelance translator and writer living in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. A resident of Yamaguchi since 2004, he fell in love with local sake and now works extensively with small sake breweries around Japan. He has translated websites for local brewers Nagayama Honke Shuzojo, Yaoshin Shuzo, and Hatsumomidi. His writing has appeared in Sake Today, and on websites like Nippon.Com, WorkInJapan.Today, and his own site. He also runs a bi-weekly newsletter, Ochoko Times. His family is under the control of a massive cat, but no one is complaining.

Professional Website: www.JimRion.com
Sake Website: www.YamaguchiSake.com
Twitter: @Jim_D_Rion
Instagram: Jim_and_jizake